What is CRATR?

The cryptocurrency market is the fastest growing market in the world, and we believe many aspects of the market are shaping the future to come. Decentralized verification is relatively new, but provides an infinite list of possibilities. Blockchain technology provides a safe and democratic solution for many different industries. It enables users to create a level playing field in which all users use a network to verify transactions and validity of movements.

CRATR was founded by professionals from the software development industry and derivatives trading industry. By combining knowledge and experience we were quickly capable of securing stable revenues from trading algorithms in the cryptocurrency space. Our aim is to expand our current backbone into more cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Simultaneously we are expanding into crypto derivatives, a very new area with a lot of rooms for improvement. As a company we believe we can help shape the future by providing and developing tools and to improve trading and liquidity in the market.


We are a multi-skilled team with an ambitious view on the future. Our team consists of a group of individuals with many years of experience in finance, trading, data research and software development.

About us

CRATR stands for Cryptocurreny Algorithmic Trader, we are using information from multiple sources to trade various new currencies. This market is developing and so are we. Get in touch with us to see what we are up to.


We are hiring!